Old-time pictures

Ciuc Region

1. Scenes from Sândominic

2. The former church from Șumuleu
(in the XVth century)

3. The church in the last century.

Miercurea Ciuc:
the high school (4.) and the Mikó fortress (5.)
6. Jigodin Spa

Sâncrăieni: the railway station, the church (7.) and the school (8.)

9. Bridge over the Olt at Sântimbru 10. Sânsimion: grocer's shop
Sânmartin: Main Street (11.),

the cinema (12.) and the castle of dr. Nagy J.(13.)

Street in Băile Tușnad (14a.)

the railway station (14b., 15., 17.)


the "Lyukaskő" (16.)

Other settlements and the people in the past
People from the past ... Gheorgheni district and Toplița Ghimeș ....... Odorhei