Harghita County in the statistics

Industrial Production

Industrial production was 3,362 billion lei at the end of the year 2000 and 4,969.7 billion lei at the end of 2001.

The table below contains the percentage of the different industrial branches:

Industrial branch20002001
extractive industry4.994.52
electric energy and heat industry3.910.43
food industry33.6924.81
textile and tailoring industry41.4657.9
machine construction1.340.57
wood-working industry3.354.45
furniture industry5.004.01

Main indexes of economy

Indexpercentage in comparison to 2000
industrial income107.02
industrial production98.10

The income index grew as compared to the year 2000 in spite of the fact that the industrial production decreased. This shows that the income excess in 2001 came from increase in price in 2001.

The percentage of the people employed in industry shows 9.82% decrease as compared to 2000.

The processing industry has the greatest share in production (90%) that has not changed in comparison to the previous years.

The number of the trading companies shows further increase. At the end of 2001 it reached 9,593 compared with 8,795 in 2000. The distribution according to the form of the companies is the following:

Company formNumber%
limited liability company8,22285.71
joint-stock company4114.28
limited partnership530.55
independent economic unit40.04
private contractor3944.11
family enterprise4224.40

Out of the trade companies 90.19% work, 3.78% are in process of disintegration and 2.94% have temporarily suspended their activity.

In 2001, 663 new companies were registered, fact which shows a significant, 158.7% increase compared with 2000.

The distribution of the profit according to the form of property has been formed as follows:

Form of property20002001Difference
State property61-5
Mixed property72-5
Private capital8797+10

We can notice a 10-percentage increase of the private capital share to the detriment of the state- and mixed property. This indicates a healthy economy.