Harghita County in the statistics


37.69% of the trading corporations in Harghita county practise retail and wholesale trade.

Until 31st October 2001, the export volume reached $64.8 million. The majority of the export consisted of the products of the textile and the tailoring industries. The wood industry and the furniture industry also had an important part in it. These are the traditional drawing branches of the industry in Harghita county.

The import volume was $99 million in 2001. The most significant import items were machine tools as well as electronic items reaching a total of $18.5 million representing a significant increase in comparison to the $10.8 million in 2000. The book and magazine import as well as textile and clothing products import are also remarkable - to the total value of $10.8 million comparing to those $15.8 million of the year 2000.