Folk dress and tradition

Romanian folk costume

The Romanian men's wear is made of white felt or white linen, the trousers loosely follow the lines of the body. Long-legged boots are worn with them on holidays, boots during the weekdays. The very wide white shirt reaching to the knees is pressed down by a decorated belt on the waist. Black waistcoat is worn above the shirt in sumer, "breasty" furcoat and rags jacket above it in winter or in cold weather. They wear small brimmed black hat in winter and high peaked fur-cap in winter.

The wide sleeved coloured shirt embroidered on its shoulders and the embroidered undershirt of the Romanian woman does not only fulfill the role of the underwear but it also replaces the blouse partly and, to a smaller extent, even the skirt. The shirt and the undershirt are tied down with a wide patterned belt woven of wool. Then the oblong wollen "fota" is twisted around the waist above the belt. This skirt-like piece of cloth is fixed by a nice narrow patterned woolen band ("berniots") above the waist. The girls and the young women pick up and pin the lower part of the "fota" to the waist to show the embroidered undershirt as well. Shoes or legged shoes complete the women's wear. The young put rosy kerchieves tied on the nape which let the forehead be seen, while the old women tie their dark kerchieves hiding the forehead under the chin. Above the shirt they wear embroidered leather waistcoat, small fur-coat with flowery patterns which is sometimes trimmed with fur. The string of beads with ribbons are only worn by the young women. In winter, they wear felt coat or fur coat reaching a little under the knee. Only the oldest women walk in felt jerkins or sheepskin fur-coats, "cojoc"-s, reaching to the ankle.