Folk dress and tradition

Csángó folk costume

The Csángó men's wear is generally similar to that of Moldova, but here both the felt and the linen trousers are tighter and black boots are worn with them. Wide-sleeved and embroidered cuffed shirts with embroidered narrow stick-up collar can be seen here. The formerly fashionable wide waist-belt has been replaced by a much narrower one. This belt ties down the rimpled half-long shirt which they let out. Next to their small-brimmed black hat with tassels they wear a small coloured bouquet, especially the young. Their "breasty" fur coat is decoratively embroidered, but their long black frieze jacket is simple, only around its pockets and collar can we found some modest lacing. They wear black lambskin cap in winter.

The Csángó women's wear also resemble the Moldovan one. Their shirts embroidered on their shoulders used to be decorated by geometrical patterns sewn on the back of the cloth. Today these are replaced by coloured flowery patterns, the traditional decoration having remained only in the hems. The Csángó undershirt is made of white linen or cambric, without embroidery, its decoration being the lace sewn onto its lower part. A wide woolen belt is wound around the shirt and the undershirt, then the brownish-blackish, modestly striped "katrinca" is put above which is pressed down above the waist by an embroidered narrow woolen belt ('berniots'). The fur coat buttoned on the breast is embroidered with many colours. The elderly also wear a reddish-coloured checked jerkin under the fur coat, which is kept together above the shoulders by a band. The girls and the young women wear bright string of large beads with coloured, flowery-patterned ribbons. Every woman wears a kerchief: the young women tie their rosy kerchieves on their nape, the elderly, under their chin. They wear sheepskin coat ("irha" furcoat) dyed brown in winter. Rarely they also wear white sheepskin "kozsók" reaching to the ground. The oldest women dress in black frieze jackets, "szokmánys" similar to those worn by men. The Csángó women's folk costume is completed by long-legged shoes and simple shoes in summer.