Traditional handcrafts

Folk architecture

The character of the folk architecture is primarily determined by the building material standing at disposal. On the eastern side of the Harghita, where the pine-forests dominate, the majority of the buildings were made of pines and also pine was the material of the tiles. The buildings of this zone are characterized by high or at least medium-high roofs. The boards of the houses and stables were kept together by wooden nails.

The ornament of the houses is the trelliswork of the porch. Its carved pillars are of varied forms. The windows are usually small and outer boards or shutters protect them. The other buildings - barn, stable, cages etc are also made of pine wood.

On the western side of the Harghita, especially beyond the zone of the pine-forests, the material of the buildings is mainly stone or oak. The walls of the stone-houses are thick and the houses are generally massive. The stone-houses of Lueta are storeyed and built very close to each other. The wooden houses were made of carved beams on their two sides, luted and whitewashed. The roofing tile has been known and used for many decades in this country. The style of the new houses of today's village naturally differs from the peculiar character and architectural traditions of the region.