Traditional handcrafts

Folk pottery

There are two renowned centres of folk pottery in our county: Corund and Danesti. The artistic talent, the creative force developing the traditional forms can create real masterpieces. For those who see it for the first time, it is a delightful experience to watch the noble lined raw ceramia rising out of the shapeless clay on the quickly rotating turntable in a few moments only. Watching the decorating girl's hand painting the traditional motives or etching fine drawings into the ornamental plates, vases and jugs also delights the viewer.

Corund has become world-famous for its flower-decked glazed pottery while Danesti, continuing the tradition of the Madarasi pottery, has conquered the markets of about forty countries of five continents with its black, unglazed crockery. In both places display of the rich material combined with selling offer a vast variety of the products. They can be bought in several shops in and outside the county as well.