Cultural events

The Day of Thousand Szekler Girls

On the day of Sarlós Boldogasszony, after the festal holy mass, in the Şumuleu Ciuc Saddle the colorful The Day of Thousand Szekler Girls (Ezer Székely Leány Nap) is organized for the tradition preserver young. As the other tradition preserving feasts the communists also forbade this feast. It was restarted in 1990. Since 2000 the "Ezer Székely Leány Nap" Foundation is the organizer.

After the noon bell the program begins with a horse riding competition. Riders come from all over the Ciucului basin. The price is a beautiful colt.

The feast of popular dance, popular music and popular costumes begins after the horse riding competition. Each year a different region presents the local dances and customs, then different folk groups dance and entertain the spectators.

Participants come not only from this region, but also from all over Szeklerland and Moldova. Year after year the number of participants increases, in the last years participants came also from other countries.

The feast ends late night with a popular dance around the campfire.