Cultural events

Narcissus Festival at Vlahita

On the wet grasslands of the foot of the mountains stretching down (called fevers by the locals) the narcissus fields shine as white flower-seas. The sometimes too densely (even 100 stems per square metre) blooming narcissus (Narcissus stellaris) attracts the tourists from afar with its stupefying fragrance. To the south of Vlăhița, on the 'Hellfever' clearing, on a 100 ha area between Ocland and Vărghiș, the narcissus breath forth its parfume from May to the middle of June.

On the narcissus field of several hectares near the 'Hellfever' in the vicinity of Vlăhița, the Narcissus Festival has been organised annually in May since 1976. The young people of the Homorod Valley dress in folk costumes to match in a noble competition the youth of the villages from the neighbouring Covasna and Brasov counties. This festival is a beautiful opportunity of preserving the Szekler dance- and folk song- tradition, the day of making acquaintances and friends. The programme consists of folk music and dance.

The folk groups of Zetea, Mădăras, Lueta, Căpălnița, Tușnad-Băi, Vlăhița as well as of Mátészalka of Hungary and the sister settlements, and the Harghita Szekler Folk Group regularly participate in the event.