Cultural events

Niergheş Peak Monument

Turning left from the centre of Cozmeni along National Road 11B towards Casinu Nou we continue our way through forests in the direction of the Nyerges Peak (878 m). Going upwards in the valley of the Nyerges Stream we reach the Nyerges monument.

The Monument on Niergheş PeakThe monument standing on the watershed was erected in commemoration of the soldiers ('honvéds') led by János Tuzson lieutenant colonel who fought in the 1848-49 defensive warfares. On 1st August 1849 two hundred soldiers fought to death against the Russian and Austrian troops. Betrayal caused the victory over the determined and loyal soldiers (surrounded from the Ügrös Stream). Today the monument stands on the saddle between Cozmeni and Caşinu Nou, on the Niergheş Peak (878 m). The pillar and the cross placed on a 1.60x1.60 m plinth is 5.40 m high. It had been made by János Pulini (Poulini) of Italian origin, resident of Jigodin and was inaugurated on 8th August 1897 with the participation of 5,000 people, including lieutenant colonel János Tuzson. Two wreathing ceremonies are held here annually, on 15th March and 1st August. The cemetery of the heroes (mass grave) with several crosses can be seen opposite the monument, at a 100 m distance from it, in the pine-forest.