Cultural events

Meeting of the Folk Band Leaders

This event was organized first in 1997 by the Harghita National Szekler Folk Group and the Domokos Pál Péter Foundation. Necessity born it, as the bands playing traditional folk music has become ever worrying in time. Because of their lifestyle, the majority of the modern people does not require this type of music. Thus, the existence of the folk bands and the rich folk music material played by them are endangered.

The Meeting of the Folk Band Leaders was organized with the purpose to save this folk music material. The most valuable part of the repertoirs of the invited bands is recorded with the help of the modern studio technique. The complete material being extremely rich, the meeting should be organized further on with the initiation of other leaders in order to enlarge the collected material. Taking into account the fact that many folk band leaders died and with them many of the values have lost, one can understand the great importance attributed to this event.

Besides recording and thus saving, another purpose of this event is to make the traditional folk music known for today's viewers and audience. Therefore the event has a well-prepared programme. The invited bands perform several times. The event enjoys great success due to the organization, interest and last but not least to the high quality artistic performances of the bands.

The recorded and thus saved folk music material represents an unestimable value and the organizers feel their duty to collect the material unrecorded till now.

Since August 2000, the event has taken place in the framework of the Miercurea-Ciuc Town Days.