Touristical opportunities in Harghita County

The presentation of culture in the county

  1. Folk dress and tradition

    1. Romanian folk costume
    2. Szekler folk costume
    3. Csángó folk costume
  2. Traditional handcrafts

    1. Folk architecture
    2. Folk pottery
    3. Gates
    4. Folk furniture
    5. Weaving-spinning, sewing, bone-lace making
    6. Painted eggs
    7. Tinder processing in Corund
  3. The Pentecost pilgrimage

    1. The Pentecost Pilgrimage
  4. Cultural offer in the county

    1. Szekler Museum of Ciuc
    2. The "Holy Prophet Ilie" Monastery of Topliţa
    3. The ancient castle of the Lázár family
    4. The Monument Complex of Sumuleu-Ciuc and other places of interest
  5. Cultural events

    1. Event calendar
    2. Carnival burial
    3. City Days of Miercurea-Ciuc (Csíkszereda)
    4. Dance Camp in Ghimes
    5. Feasts in Subcetate
    6. Gipsy Days in Hargita County
    7. Meeting of the Folk Band Leaders
    8. Narcissus Festival at Vlahita
    9. Niergheş Peak Monument
    10. The "Let's play together" acting festival for children
    11. The Botorka International Children Folk Dance Festival
    12. The Brass Bands Meeting
    13. The Csángó festival
    14. The Day of Thousand Szekler Girls
    15. The Mioriţa Folk Festival
    16. The Old Music Festival
    17. The pottery fair in Corund (Arcio)
    18. The SICULICIDIUM Monument