Odorhei region

Lutiža (Agyagfalva)

The name of Lutiža is closely connected to the Szekler national assembly of 1506 as well as with the events of the meeting of 1848. These historical events were of great importance for the Szeklers. The acceptance of the regulations concerning the Szekler autonomy is also connected to this village and also here was made the appeal to the Romanians and Saxons of Transylvania calling on solidarity in 1848.

The Lutiža monument comemorating the event of 1848

The monument can be seen from the no. 137 road and turning left of the bifurcation of Lutiža. The travertine monument was assambled of pieces in the place where it stands today, in 1978. It was inaugurated only in 1990.

Reformed Church

The Gothic Reformed Church encircled by small tiled stone-wall stands in the centre of the village. It was probably built in the 13th century.