Odorhei region

Tăureni (Bikafalva)

Taureni is situated in the valley of the Tarnava Mare River, along the no. 137 bituminized county road. It is 7 km far from Odorheiu-Secuiesc and 3 km far from Feliceni, the community centre. The area of the village is at 450-475 m above sea level on a beautiful detrital cone of the Sükő Stream and on the edge of the river flats. In 1992 all the 435 inhabitants were Magyars.

Reformed Church

The church was built of stone and brick in the village centre in 1684. The tower was built later, in 1776. In 1814 the church and the tower were partly destroyed by fire. Their reconstruction took place in 1814-1815. The oldest gravestone dates back to 1689.