Odorhei region

Atid (Etéd)

Cristuru Secuiesc is 22 km, Miercurea-Ciuc 112 km away. Can be approached from valley of Goagiu on the main road no. 135, and from the centre we follow the main road no. 136A towards Criºeni.

Calvinist church

Situated in the centre of the village, was rebuilt in 1801 after the great fire (8th September 1792.). The buildings made of wood burned down, the bells melted, 110 people became homeless. Above the southern entry an inscription indicates the year 1678.

Cuºmed (Küsmöd)

Atid is 2 km, Cristuru Secuiesc 24 km away.

Calvinist church

It is in the northern edge of the village, on a hill. It's surrounded by a stone fence; we find here the belfry that was built in the year 1747. The ground-plan and the carvings of the gothic church that consists of a nave and a sanctuary follow the rules of proportion of the Middle Age. According to the tradition the church was built by Hunyadi János as a commemoration of the victory in Sântimbru de Mureº (1441). In Transylvania there are 25 more churches built by Hunyadi. At first this was a Roman Catholic Church. In the sanctuary the ceiling is white sunk panel (made in 1714). During the 1884 renovation Péter Elek pastor reports about the frescos on the southern wall of the nave near the triumphal arch under the lime. The Blessed Virgin was represented here, with the little Jesus in her right arm, and with an unrecognisable man kneeling in front of her.

ªiclod (Siklód)

Can be approached following the main road no.135.Odorheiu Secuiesc is 68 km, Miercurea-Ciuc 120 km away. Etéd is 8 km away (country lane). The new Calvinist church was projected by Kós Károly, and built in the year 1992.

Criºeni (Kõrispatak)

Can be approached on the main road 136A from Bezid, and Atid. Here Szõcs Lajos jr. has an interesting sandstone collection (puppets).