Odorhei region

Feliceni (Felsőboldogfalva, Obermariendorf)

Feliceni is situated at the confluence of the Tarnava Mare River and the Garan Stream, on a widened washland and a detrital cone at 467 m above sea level, 4 km far from Odorheiu-Secuiesc and 48 km far from Sighisoara.

Reformed Church

With its high tower and tiled stone fence of middle height, the church is still a representative architectural monument of the middle section of the Tarnava Mare, having preserved valuable details from several architectural ages. The church is trichotomous: the tower (in the west), the nave with piers and, under the same roof, a polygonal chancel of the width of the nave. The length of the church is 20 m, its area 198 m2.