Odorhei region

Ocna de Sus (Felsõsófalva)

Ocna de Jos and Ocna de Sus had been known as Sófalva (Ocna) until 1760. In the natural village duplication Ocna de Sus played the more important part. The "double" village, called the land of legends, is inhabited by tradition-bound, hard-working people. From administrative point of view, Ocna de Sus belongs to Praid. In 1992 it had 1,420 inhabitants (1,290 Magyars, 3 Romanian, 127 Gypsies). The ruins of a former castle called Kodáros on the hill bearing the same name rising to the east of the village indicate that salt and coal were drawn here. According to the legend, fairies guard the gold having remained from the time of the Romans in the hidden cellars of the castle.

Reformed Church

The church was erected on a hill on the left side of National Road 13A. It got its present form in 1803. The 14th century Gothic stone door-frames were preserved during the rebuilding. The west side of the church is polygonal with a stone-framed lancet gate on the middle of it. The 23 m high tower stands at the east facade. In the southern part of the churchyard a carved stone monument was erected in 1993.