Odorhei region

Mere演i (Homor鏚alm嫳)

Mere演i village is situated in the valley of the Homorodu Mic flowing southwards from the Central Harghita Mountain, along the no. 32 county road, at 560-570 m altitude. The no. 132 county road turning left from the centre connects the villages of the Homorodu Mare Valley.

The Virghis Stream Valley and the Meresti Caves

Declared a landscape-protection area in 1980, the 800 ha large area can be visited freely. It can be approached from two directions, along the Bar嫜 street or along the Meresti Stream. The Virghis Stream Valley It is situated 9 km from Meresti to the east . The deep gorge is surrounded by 935-6 m high limestone peaks and it offers a pitoresque sight to its visitors. In the 4 km long valley all the deep karst forms can be met.

The Bal嫙s Orb嫕 Cave(Main Cave or K鯷ik 'Stonehole'). There are route signs marking the way up to the cave from two directions: Meresti (9 km), and Virghis (15 km). The presence of man here can be traced back to the palaeolithic period. Until the end of the Middle Ages the cave had served as a human settlement. So far 9 Homo Sapiens osseous remains have been uncovered. Stone tools from the neo-palaeolithic period,green pieces of pottery representing the Middle Ages, jewels and pottery from the Bronz Age have also been found here.


At private houses (50 beds),Administrator: Albert J霩sa, 4158 Meresti. No.36. Tel.: 2 (Mere演i). There is a restaurant with garden in Meresti.