Odorhei region

Mãrtiniº (Homoródszentmárton, Sankt-Marten)

It is situated on the widening bottom-land of the Homorodu Mare, at the meeting point of the Gyepes and Lókod streams. The community centre is 18 km far from Odorheiu-Secuiesc and 13 km far from Ocland, along the no. 131 county road. The no. 131A county road branches off from the centre towards Aldea.

The Unitarian Church

The church can be seen at the beginning of the Church street, on its right, on a small hillside. The monument consists of a gatehouse and a nave. It was built in the place of the demolished Gothic church in 1888-89. Formerly it was surrounded by walls strengthened with six bastions of which ruins can still be seen there. The only bastion standing was built later. The gatehouse probably dates back to the end of the 15th century and it underwent several rebuildings during the centuries, mainly with defensive purposes. It has preserved its 40 m long wall. The places of the six defence towers can also be seen. It is registered historical monument of Harghita county.