Odorhei region

Izvoare (Ivů)

The village lies in the valley of the Ivo Stream, in the western foreground of the Central Harghita, at 750-800 m altitude. The abode can be approached along a forestier road leading to the Harghita-Madaras (8 km). Izvoare belongs to the community of Zetea and it is situated at a 12 km distance from the latter. The former farming functions have been replaced by the "second home" ones: several people have built holiday homes and weekend houses here.


CampingAt the upper end of Izvoare, next to the place where the Ivo Stream flows into the Filia Stream, a camping site was built for the Christian youth. Madaras-Harghita hospice (1,675 m). It can be approached along the Ivo Stream, upwards along the forestier road then through the Filia Valley (10 km). Another way leads up to it from Vlahita, along a forestier road (12 km). It can also be reached as on foot (along blue tourist signs, 4-5-hours). The chalet is administrated by the Alimpex Rt. Services: 8 rooms, room for 40 people, shower stalls with hot and cold water, parlour, dining-room, bar, hot and cold dishes, central heating. Ski equipment and sleighs can be hired. There are several ski slopes of different levels of difficulty. Several slopes are provided with ski-lifts. In the winter there is a Salvamont group on duty near the slopes. Walking tours to Harghita Baths can be organized (14 km - 3.5 hours). This country is the home of big games and blackcocks. A forestier road through the Fertau Saddle connects Zetea and Madaras.