Odorhei region

Rugănești (Rugonfalva, Rugendorf)

Rugănești is a significant settlement of the Lower Nicau region found on the right side of the Nicau Alb Stream. Its inner area (69 ha) is of east-west direction. The Reformed church of the village was built on the border line dividing the settlement. The village is situated at 400-420 m altitude, only 2 km from Cristuru-Secuiesc and 5 km from Simonesti, the community centre.

Reformed Church

The church is officially registered among the historical monuments of Harghita county (1992). It is one of the most interesting monuments of Szeklerland and one of the oldest cultic buildings of Harghita county. Built in the 13th century, the church abounds in Roman and Gothic elements. The mediaeval church of the village still stands and, according to its style, dates back farther. Erected in the centre of the village of stone and brick, surrounded by oval mediaeval walls, the church lies on 175 square m area at 405 m altitude. Originally it was a Roman Catholic Church. Besides the Roman and Gothic architectural elements and valuable furnishing the church has preserved a runic note as well. The church got its present form during the 18-19th-century constructions.