Odorhei region

Simone演i (Sim幯falva, Seinegold)

Simone演i is the largest settlement of the Lower Nicau region and the administrative centre of Simone演i commune consisting of 14 villages. It lies on both sides of the Nicau Alb, at 430-450 m altitude. The commune has an inner area of 99 ha. It is situated 5 km far from Ruganesti, 7 km from Cristuru-Secuiesc and 21 km from Odorheiu-Secuiesc.

Unitarian Church

The church stands on the western edge of the village. It was built between 1808-11, in the place of the old church. Today only the old tower as well as some Gothic elements can be seen.

M霩es Sz幧ely Mansion

The late mediaeval construction stood 40 m far from today's Reformed church. At present, it is in ruins.

Reformed Church

The church was built on the court of the M霩es Sz幧ely Mansion in 1792.