Odorhei region

Baile Seiche (Szejkefürdő)

Baile Seiche is the holiday centre of Odorhiu Secuiesc. Its name is closely related to the name of Balázs Orbán who was buried here. It possesses medicinal mineral water, sulphuric bath, mofette and curative mud, – all in the beautiful valley of the Sós Stream having a pleasant, soft microclimate. This has been the scene of the folk festival presenting the living traditions of Romania of Seiche (Seiche Day) for already 25 years.The folk show organized on the open-air stage of Baile Seiche is an interesting dash of colour every June. In 1998, on the occasion of the celebration of the 32th Seiche Day several folk groups (Ucranian, Lipovanian, Turkish, Hungarian, Sekler and Gypsy) presented their dances, artistic shows.

The tomb and the monument of Balázs Orbán

The tomb and the monument of Balázs Orbán (1829-1890), the greatest Szekler writer, historian, etnographer, public figure, can be found in the Borvízoldal. According to his last will, the greatest Szekler was entombed on the former estate, on the hillside of Baile Seiche. The tomb with the wooden headboard and the anagylt with the bronze portrait was built according to the sculptor-professor Áron Orbán from Odorheiu Secuiesc in 1969. In 1992 it was entered into the register of the artistic monuments of Harghita county.

Szekler-gate museum (open-air museum)

The exhibition of the Szekler gates aims at the presentation of the decorative art of the gates of Tinutul Odorheiului as well as the preservation of folk values. Since 1973, ten gates have been exhibited here as a result of the contribution of several traditionalists in the framework of the Haáz Rezső Museum of Odorheiu Secuiesc. The gate of Balázs Orbán, the first Szekler gate (erected originally in front of the Kossuth summer mansion at Baile Seiche) stands in the close vicinity of the tomb. Walking under the Szekler gates erected between 1973-1998 we can reach the tomb.