Odorhei region

Daia (Székelydálya)

Daia is situated in the valley of the Ége Stream, along the no. 133 county road at 525-550 m altitude, 6 km far from Ulies, the community centre, 6 km from Oraseni and 22 km from Odorheiu-Seciuesc.

Reformed Church

Registered among the monuments of Harghita county (1992), the church of Daia was built on the turn of the 13-14th centuries. Mediaeval and Gothic elements combine in its architecture. The church surrounded by a castle wall is one of the most significant monuments of the south-western part of the former Tinutul Odorheiului. It is one of the most famous Transylvanian churches with mediaeval frescos and coffered ceiling. Its basic area is 258 m2. The vault of the chancel, besides other ornaments, contains eight arms of towns and countries and noblemen. The walls have preserved remains of 16th century frescos evoking legends and biblical scenes.