Odorhei region

Sub Cetate (Zeteváralja)

The most significant thing in the village is the barrage created at the meeting point of the River Tarnava Mare and the Sicasau Stream and its water-basin. Sub Cetate has separated from Zetea. The village is situated on the montaneous section of the Tarnava Mare, next to the place where the Ivo Stream flows into it, along the no. 138 (bitumenized) county road, 6 km far from Zetea, the community centre, 12 km from Bradesti and 19 km from Odorheiu-Secuiesc.

The barrage and the water-basin

This is the only artificial lake of the upper section of the Tarnava Mare. It serves flood-prevention - river-regulation, economic, energetic, touristic-social and environment-protection purposes. The creation of the water-basin aimed at the multi-purpose usage of the water: drinking and industrial water services on the Cristuru-Secuiesc - Sighisoara - Medias line as well as flood-control and obtaining electric energy. The basin can hold almost 50 million cubic metre water. The artificial lake created behind the gate is 2.6 km long and 400-800 m wide.

Zete's Castle

The ruins of the castle can be found on the 812 m high Desag mountainside. Zete's Castle used to control the main road leading to Gheorgheni. According to some theories it was a Dac castle built in the late Iron Age that probably stood in the Roman Age as well.