Ciuc region

Bancu (Csíkbánkfalva)

Bancu is situated 17 km from Miercurea-Ciuc. It can be approached from Miercurea-Ciuc along National Road 12 through Lunca Mare then along the no 123C county road branching out of it. We can also reach the village from Sanmartin, along county road 123B (along the Áj Stream). Bancu has closely grown together with Ciucsangeorgiu lying to the north of it, the border between them being marked by the church and a stream. The settlement was registered with the name Bancu in 1898, until then it had belonged to Ciucsangeorgiu. In 1992 the number of its inhabitants was 1,344; with the exception of two Romanians they were all Magyars.

Bancu lies in the Fisag Stream Valley. In the south, the detrital cone of Lunca Mare approaches the Olt River Valley. The Majd Mountain (975 m) rises in the east, the Aranyos Hill (808 m) in the west. In the eastern part of the village mineral water springs containing sulphur and iron come to the surface. The border in the east stretches as far as the mountains. Bancu shared mountains with Ciucsangeorgiu.

Its stone chapel consacrated to Saint John dates from 1700.

Following the no. 123C county road, the first hamlet on the left is Cotormani.

Walk to the Ciucsangeorgiu Bath