Ciuc region

Sântimbru (Csíkszentimre)

Sântimbru lies 11 km from Miercurea-Ciuc along no. 123A county road. It can be approached through Sancraieni along National Road 12, then no. 123A county road. It is situated 4 km far from Sancraieni. The village lies in the eastern foreground of the Southern Harghita, on the plain of the Olt River, on both sides of it. Originally, Sântimbru was the name of a parish uniting three villages.

Roman Catholic Church The church built in 1776 is a registered historical monument of Harghita county. The Gothic elements of an older church were built into a mostly Baroque new one (in the 18th century. The chancel preserves a valuable altar from the beginning of the 16th century as well as pannel pictures from the end of the 15th century.

The stone cross at the entrance of the graveyard dates from 1747 and it is registered as an artistic monument of Harghita county (1992).

The Saint Margaret Chapel appears on the List of Historical Monuments of Harghita county (1992). It stands to the west of the Olt, at 656 m altitude. it was probably built in the 15th century

Henter Mansion is one of the historical monuments of Harghita county (1992). The formerly beautiful, deteriorated Baroque-Renaissance building was built by the Henter barons.Since 1944 it houses the school and the cultural centre as well as the village museum.

At no. 267 Pálszeg a water-mill and a fuller are to be found. Built in 1878, it is registered as a historcal monument of the county (1992).

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