Ciuc region

Sânmartin (Csíkszentmárton)

Sânmartin is a large commune considered the centre of Lower Ciuc, of the "potato-country". It has grown together with Ciucani. From 1850 the village functioned as district residence for a long time. It used to have a paper-mill, a steam-mill and several wood-mills. In 1992, the village had 1,312 inhabitants (16 Romanians and 1,296 Magyars). As a community centre it administrates four other villages: Ciucani, Cozmeni, Lăzărești and Valea Uzului. The number of the inhabitants alltogether was 4,465 in 1992. Three other placed belonged to it in 1913: Aklos, Kőkert and Ciobanis (the latter has become affiliated to Ciucsangeorgiu).

Sânmartin is situated 17 km far from Miercurea-Ciuc, 15 km from Baile Tusnad. There is a gravel-pit with 100,000 m3 output.

There are several mineral water springs on the area of the village, one of them is radioactive.

Roman Catholic Church The church built in Baroque style between 1802-1817 is surrounded by crenellated stone fence. Its tower dates from 1749. It is registered among the historical monuments of Harghita county (1992).

There is a small Baroque chapel built in the 18th century next to the road leading to Sansimion. This Christ's Holy Body Chapel built in the place of a 15th century Gothic chapel is a registered historical monument of Harghita county (1992).

Its Reformed Chapel (No. 25) was built of wood in 1847, on a 300 m2 area.

Imre Tankó's wooden house (Csipkeszer no. 89) built in 1827 is registered as historical monument of Harghita county (1992).

Ghiurche - Eghersec - Cinod

Leaving Sânmartin eastwards along the no. 123 county road we can approach Eghersec first, then the small alpine farm, Ghiurche. This road leads to Dărmănești in Moldova.

Ghiurche is situated 24 km far from Ciucsangeorgiu to which it belongs. In 1992 it had 9 inhabitants (2 Romanians, 7 Magyars).

Eghersec. Situated 24 km far from Sânmartin in the valley of the Egersec Stream, this village also belongs to Ciucsangeorgiu. It can be approached from Sânmartin along the no. 123 county road. In the north the 1,241 m high peak of the Eghersec rises, while the Akolbérc (1,164 m) in the southeast and the Fenyőfeje (1,137 m) rises in the south. In 1992, the settlement was inhabited by 322 people, all Magyars except two Romanians.

Cinod Cinod lies in the valley of the Uz Stream along the no. 123 county road. Four streams flow on the area of this small village.

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