Ciuc region

Mihăileni (Csíkszentmihály)

Mihăileni is a significant commune of Upper Ciuc. It is situated to the north of Miercurea-Ciuc, 18 km far from it, along the no. 124 county road. Its inner area is crossed by the Racu Stream. The village was formed at the meeting point of this stream and the Csorgó Stream springing from the Kőd Mountain.

The Kőd Peak (845 m) rises to the northeast, the Kőcsonka Peak (886 m) to the north; the Frumoasa Stream crosses the border in the south. The Ghimes railway crosses the village and approaches Livezi from the north. In the west it is bordered by the Pagani Mountain (1,195 m), Kőnyak and the Livezi Peak.Several mineral water springs are to be found here.

Roman Catholic Parish Church The beautiful vaulty church from 1448 appears on the List of Historical Monuments of the county (1992). A Szekler runic record can also be seen here.

Other places of interest: at no. 44. we can see a water mill built at the beginning of the 19th century. Anna Balogh's wooden house (no. 315 - originally a pub) was built in 1889. The Biális Mansion (today post office) was built at the beginning of the 19th century. These are all registered monuments of Harghita county. The Szekler-gate at no. 50 Vacaresti str. is a registered artistic monument of the county (1992).

Nădejdea (Ajnád)

Nădejdea is situated to the north of Mihaileni and it has almost grown together with the latter. It can be approached along the no. 124 county road. The village lies 22 km from Miercurea-Ciuc, at the foot of the Kőd mountain-range in the east.

ItsRoman Catholic Church was built in 1514 and it is surrounded by a small stone fence. The pure Catholic village is affiliated to Mihaileni.

Livezi (Lóvész)

Livezi is situated 25 km far from Miercurea-Ciuc, 13 km from the Racu bifurcation, at the end of the no. 124 county road. It is a typical alpine scattered farmstead lying on the watershed. The Siculeni-Ghimes railway crosses the village. One of the longest viaducts of Romania can be seen here. The viaduct spanning over the Karakó Valley is 264 m long and 61 m high.

Livezi is an alpine settlement belonging to Mihaileni from administrative point of view. It is the only Romanian village of the Ciuc country, the inhabitants having been settled here from Moldova. The vast majority of the locals work at the railway. When the registration of Livezi was made in 1898, the settlement belonged to Mihaileni.

The Vf. Livezii rising to the northeast of the village is 1,288 m high. Through the 100 m higher Bocs Peak we can reach Kerekbükk (1,405 m) then Nascalat (1,550 m).