Ciuc region

Nicolești (Csíkszentmiklós)

The northern part of Nicolești has almost completely grown together with Frumoasa (1 km). It lies to the northeast of Miercurea-Ciuc, 11 km far from the town, along National Road 12A leading to Moldova. The Frumoasa and the Mihaileni streams flow across the village. Several alpine 'outskirts' have been formed in the course of time: Făgețel, Cădărești, Coșnea, Pajiștea, Valea Șuliței, Piricskető. These are registered next to Frumoasa. Except Făgețel all the others belong to Bacau county. The Frumoasa district separated from the Upper Ciuc district in 1912. In 1992, the village counted 1,152 inhabitants, except 4 people all Magyars.

Nicolești lies on the western slope of the Ciucului Mountains. Its mineral water spring containing iron was mentioned in 1853. The village also has alpine pastures and forests.

TheRoman Catholic Church is registered historical monument of Harghita county (1992). The mediaeval church was completely transformed in the 15th century. Surrounded by a stone wall strengthened with two bastions, the church appears in Baroque style after its re-building between 1777-1784.

The parsonage is registered as historical monument of Harghita county (1992).