Ciuc region

Sânsimion (Csíkszentsimon)

The village can be approached along National Road 12, then the no. 123A county road from Miercurea-Ciuc (16 km). From the direction of Sanmartin, the no. 123 county road joins no. 123A road on the territory of Felszeg. Sansimion is an old settlement of the Lower Ciuc, situated on the left bank of the Olt river, at 640-650 m altitude above sea level. Formerly, the village was famous for the Endes Mansion, today for its spirit-and starch-factory producing since 1943. In 1992, the number of the inhabitants was 2,415, all Magyars except 31 Romanians.

In the place named Aladár, gold- and silver mines were opened in the autumn of 1851. Later on, they were closed down.The traces of metal processing can be seen here. Several mineral water springs were mentioned in the 19th century.

Roman Catholic Church Its building started in 1823 and it was consacrated to St. László King in 1835. According to the Schematismus (1882. 65) the new church was built in the place of the old St. László Chapel in 1840. The annual feast is on 27th June.

The Miklós Endes Mansion (no. 229 – today nursery school) was built in the 19th century. It is registered among the historical monuments of the county.

Ferenc Darvas's wooden house (No.37). It was built in the 19th century and it is registered among the historical monuments of Harghita county.

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Cetăţuia (Csatószeg)

Cetăţuia is situated in Lower Ciuc, on the left side of the River Olt, at 662 m altitude. From Miercurea-Ciuc, it can be approached along National Road 12 then no. 123A county road (18 km). the village had 992 inhabitants in 1992, with the exception of two Romanians they were all Magyars. Administratively it belongs to Sansimion.

The Roman Catholic Church originally built in late Gothic styleis registered as a historical monument.

The Virgin Mary chapel belongs to the church.

Its cemetery and one of its stone pillars are registered as historical monuments of the county (1992).

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