Ciuc region

Jigodin (Csíkzsögöd, Zsögöd)

Today Jigodin belongs to Miercurea-Ciuc as its southern outskirt. Together with Jigodin Baths it has united with Miercurea-Ciuc. Its name is closely related to the works of Imre Nagy, the famous Szekler painter (1893-1976). The main street of Jigodin bears his name today. The village has completely grown into the town along the Jigodin road or Castle road.

The Fitod Stream crosses Jigodin, here it flows into the Olt river opposite the 'Small Castle' (724 m). The village is situated at 660-680 m altitude. Its border is marked by the eruptive block of the Harom-Sumuleu, where many volcanic peaks can be seen: the Kerekcsere (685 m) in the east, the Pál Balázs Peak (776 m), the Nagy Laji Hill, then the 'Small Castle' Peak (724 m) and the Castle Mountain (944 m) on the right bank of the Olt.

Nagy Imre Art Gallery(str. Pictor Nagy Imre; Tel.: 113-963). It can be approached from the centre of Miercurea-Ciuc on the Bul. Timisoarei – str. Gheorghe Doja and str.Pictor Nagy Imre line (2 km). It was built in 1973. Exhibitions of the painter's pictures are organized here, from among the 6,000 ones that Imre Nagy left to the town.

Imre Nagy (1893-1976)His native house and his tomb The painter's native house is a simple peasant one next to the gallery. The ashes of the painter awarded with several valuable prizes were entombed in the outer wall of his studio. His personal objects, books, pieces of furniture can be seen inside the house together with an unfinished composition on his easel.

The Roman Catholic parish church of Jigodin(str. Jigodin nr. 52) is registered among the historical monuments of Harghita county. The church was built in Gothic style, in the 15th century. Modifications in the 18th century left the traces of the Baroque style on it. It has a Gothic tryptichon (1673) and a Mary-statue, of the same age as that of Sumuleu-Ciuc: it was made about 1510-1520.

Jigodin used to be affiliated to Leliceni, then to Miercurea-Ciuc. Since 1988 it has been independent.

The Mikó Manor House (str. Jigodin) was built in neoclassic-empire style, opposite the Gothic church, at the beginning of the 19th century. It appears on the List of Historical Monuments of Harghita county. Today it houses the Wood Processing Enterprise.

Reformed Church (str. Petőfi nr. 51). It was built in brick and stone on a 308 m2 area in 1875.

The Jigodin Pass.. It marks the border between Upper and Lower Ciuc. Several mineral water springs can be found here, fact that actually helped the creation of Jigodin Baths.