Ciuc region

Siculeni (Madéfalva)

Siculeni is the most populated settlement of the Middle Ciuc Basin. It is situated at the foot of the Harghita (1,710 m), at 680 m altitude. In 1992, it had 2,812 inhabitants out of which 2,644 Magyars, 167 Romanians. From administrative point of view, Ciceu, Ciaracio, Racu and Satu Nou villages belong to Siculeni.

The name of the village is closely connected to the resistence against the forced organisation of the Szekler frontier defence guard as well as with the bloodshed and genocide done by the Austrain soldiers in 1764. That is why Siculeni has become one of the symbols of the Szekler history. The Ciceu railway station is of national significance. The Ghimes railway starting from Ciceu (1897) makes the connection with Moldova. The border between Siculeni and Ciceu is marked by the Border Street near the railway station.

Roman Catholic Church It was built in the upper section of the village. Siculeni used to be affiliated to Racu and it only became an independent parish in 1911. Its own chapel was built in 1743. Next to the church we can find the "Zöld Péter" Primary School.

The small Saint Ann Chapel was built in the 1300s and it was demolished in 1840.


Ciaracio (Csaracsó)

Ciaracio is situated to the south of the lower part of Siculeni, on the right bank of the Olt river, where the Fűrész Stream flows into it. The village is separated from Siculeni by the hill of the Szeges Peak. ,

Ciaracio (Csaracsó)

The village lies to the south of Alszeg Siculeni, on the right bank of the Olt, where the Fűrész-stream flows into the river. It is separated from Siculeni by the hill of Szeges-peak. Formerly it was famous for its lumber mills (9 by number) and the distillation of pine-brandy. Administratively the village belongs to Siculeni. In 1992, the number of its inhabitants was 145 people, all of them Magyars. Along the communal road, Ciba and Sub Padure situated next to the no. 13A country road can be approached (4 km).

Walking tours

Tour to Harghita Bai: the Siculeni Monument - Ciaracio -road -Ciceu rock - Piricske (1,050 m) - Borvíz Stream - Harghita Bath (along the blue dot marking, 15 km, level difference: 460 m, 5 hours).

Trip can be organised to the Harghita: Siculeni - Ciaracio road - 'Sharp' Pine (1,009 m) - Szeges Stream Valley - Harghita (1,709 m), to the Csompó Peak: blue cross marking, 14 km, level difference: 830 m, 5 hours.