Borsec region

Corbu (Gyergyóholló)

Corbu forms a community together with Capul Corbului. In 1850 there were only 148 houses and 702 inhabitants (533 Romanian, 116 Magyars and 52 other nationalities). In 1980, it possessed an area of 14,048 ha, out of which only 7,067 ha arable land, the rest being forest. In 1992 the village had 1,614 inhabitants (1,375 Romanians, 204 Magyars, 35 other nationalities; 574 buildings). By 1st January 1996 this number had increased to 1,594. The village used to be affiliated to Tulghes. Lumbering is the locals' main activity.

Significant streams are the Savului in the north and the Argintăria satului, Baraszó, then the Corbul in the south. In 1837, lead was mined on the border of the village in the middle of the 19th century. To the south of Capul Corbului rises the Corbul Peak (1,173 m), while the (1,385 m) Arsiţa Capu Corbului rises to the north of it. From the Bistricioara, in its side-valley Valea Seaca and the Ţibleşu-valley, the Ciblesu Mic Peak (1,668 m) can be approached, and the Albia Peak (1,587 m) to the east of it. There are several mineral water springs at the border of the village. Thus, two springs under the Comarnic, the Hian, Borvíz, Poiana Noua, Preluctutii, Varariei, Petrenilor, Prisacani (3 springs), Pântecului (Pocladu Stream), and the springs of the Vaides and Paltinului streams.

Capu Corbului (Hollósarka)

We reach the village along the 15. highway, after Borsec, in the valley of the Bor-stream. The railway follows the highway then it curves to the north, towards Valea Seaca (Szárazpatak) in the valley of the Bistrita Mica (along the 174B county road). Along this route Bilbor can be approached (on a poor quality forest road - 18 km).

The Bor-stream from the south-east, the Cos-stream, the Bánya-stream and the Labancok-stream from the south flow into the Tarnava Mica river. The Dealul Corbului (Hollótető-1173 m) rises in the south and the Arsita peak (Égett Butka - 1385 m) in the north.

Touring routes: in the Bistrita Mică valley, to the Tiblesul Mic peak (1668 m), and to the Alb peak (1587 m).