Gheorgheni region

Joseni (Gyergyóalfalu)

One of the largest and oldest settlements of the Giurgiului Basin, Joseni is situated at the meeting point of National Road 13B and the no. 126 county road. It lies 6 km from Gheorgheni along National Road 13B. This main road section leading across Alszeg, then Bagolyloka to the flax factory is called Salt Road. The village is situated 4 km far from Lazarea along National Road 126, 2 km from Ciumani and 6 km from Suseni at 743 m altitude. Joseni has been known as a pilgrimage centre for centuries. The number of the inhabitants was 6,037 on 1st January 1996.

The Roman Catholic Church, registered as a historical monument of Harghita county (1992), stands on the corner of the market place, in the centre. The church surrounded by a stone wall is one of the oldest churches of Gheorgheni preserving Roman elements (13th century) . It was rebuilt in Gothic style in the 15th century and, between 1766-1776 , it was modified in Baroque style The ornament of the church is the Baroque main altar with four Ionic capitals, with the statue of the Virgin and Jesus in the middle of it.

In the southern part of the village the Greek congregation also had a church built of stone in 1850. In 1748, there were 40 Romanian families living in Joseni who belonged to the Voslobeni parish.

In the park of the village, on the 400th anniversary of the primary school in 1998, the bust of Pál Péter Domokos was unveiled.

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Borzont (Borzont)

The row-village is situated in the valley of the Borzont Mare Stream, 10 km far from Gheorgheni, along National Road 13 leading to the Bucin Peak, then to Praid. In 1770 Greek Catholics from Moldova were settled here.The Bucin road rises to the peak in the valley of the Borzont Mic Stream. The distance between Gheorgheni – Praid is 51 km through the Bucin Peak.

The Nyíres natural conservation area lies along National Road 13B leading to the Bucin. It has suffered serious damages.

There is a Roman Catholic church in the village, with an ornamented Szekler-gate on one of its side. Its annual feast is held on 20th August.

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Leaving Borzont towards the Bucin Peak, National Road 13B crosses the eastern slope of the Gughiului Mountains in a pleasant, woody environment.