Gheorgheni region

Ciumani (Gyergyócsomafalva)

Ciumani is situated 9 km far from Gheorgheni, along the no. 126 county road. The distance of the village from Joseni is 3 km, from Valea Stramba (along the 12 highway) is 8 km. From Ciumani, we can approach Săsești. Sumuleu Stream is part of Săsești. Ciumani is situated between Joseni and Suseni, where the Sumuleu Mare flows into the River Mures. The former Salt Road approached Ciumani from Praid across the Putna Pass, along the Sumuleu Stream. In 1992, the number of the inhabitants was 4,808 (18 Romanians, 4,187 Magyars, 3 Germans). Ciumani got separated from Joseni in 1730.

The village lies at the foot of the Ciumani South Mountain (1,695 m), at 745-770 m altitude. The 4 km diametre crater of the Sumuleu Mare Mountain is also on the border of the village. Temperature inversion is a frequent phenomenon here. The average annual temperature does not rise over 5 grades C. There are 10 (mineral water) springs. The drinking water is assured by the Sumuleu Stream.

Roman Catholic Church Built in the place of the old wooden chapel, today's church presents neo-Gothic elements.

The lovers of village tourism can find 200 weekend houses here that offer a good rest to the quiet hikers. Booking of accommodation: Zita Balogh, Local Council – 4027 Ciumani, Tel: 6, jud. Harghita.

Walking tour to Sumuleu Mare Peak (1,576 m) (upwards along the valley of the Sumuleu Mare Stream) and the Ciumani South Mountain (1,695 m).