Gheorgheni region

Remetea (Gyergyóremete)

Remetea lies on the left side of the River Mures, at 725-731 m altitude. It can be approached from Ditrau (from National Road 12) along the no.153C county road (1 km). Remetea has grown together with Ditrau lying on the right side of the Mures and with Ciutac formed at the end of the 19th century, on 6 km, in deforested places after 1830. The no. 153C county road, touching Sineu Mountain (1,057 m) leads to Kereszthegy Saddle (5 km), then to Laposnya and Görgényszentimre. On this way, the distance between Reghin and Remetea is 42 km. Ditrau and the border of Mures county is 21 km far towards the Kereszthegy. Ecclesiastically, it became independent in 1726. Remetea used to be a significant settlement of the Gheorgheni floatage with four starting places. Scattered farms belonging to Remetea: Făgeţel, Martonca and Sineu. Smaller inhabited places: Ludfarca, Csögtanya. The no. 153D county road connects the village to Chinari and Sarmas (12 km). Its milk powder factory is of national importance. The commune had 6,440 inhabitants on 1st January 1996.

Its Roman Catholic Church was built of stone in Baroque style in 1786, in the place of the old chapel.

The chapel burnt down in 1770 and it was renovated only at the beginning of the 20th century.

Remetea had been affiliated to Ditrau until 1725. It was Catholic mother-church in the 18th century. Two other chapels belong to the settlement: that of Kicsibükk from 1938 and of Ciutac from 1949.

  1. Remetea Baths
  2. Other places of interest: In Sineu, on the property of Pál Ivácsony (no. 178) a fuller (built in 1725) can be seen. At No. 105 there is a water-saw. Both are registered as monuments of Harghita county (1992).

Other places of interest the milk powder factory, the mineral water bath, the Tibor Cseres monument and the Gábor Balázs memorial plaque.

Walking tour to the Sineu clearing