Gheorgheni region

Izvorul Mureșului (Marosfő)

Izvorul Mureșului is an alpine settlement situated in the southern foreground of the Hasmasu Mare (1,793 m), at the foot of the Muntele Negru (1,538 m). The resort got its name from the Mures springing in the nearby. The highest point of the Szekler circular railway is 850 m in the resort. Izvorul Mureșului is 45 km far from Miercurea-Ciuc and 23 km from Gheorgheni along National Road 12. It can also be approached along the Szekler circular railway (along the Brasov-Deda line). The settlement is a road-village, alpine resort and youth campsite at the same time. In 1992, it had 801 inhabitants (471 Mgyars, 329 Romanians). The railway station can be approached along the Railway street.

The inclining Main Road (National Road 12) follows the flow of the Mures, touching the branchings-off of the Tinca and Ölves streets, then in the great curve of the railway it crosses the river and reaches the Poiana Popii. To the west of the next Mures bridge, the rare plants of the "După Lunca" nature conservation area is to be found (see description at Voslobeni).

Izvorul Mureșului ('Mures Riverhead') got its name from the River Mures springing here, in the side of the Muntele Negru (1,538 m). The total length of the river is 803 km, out of which 768 km flows in Romania, 80 km in Harghita county.

Izvorul Mureșului is situated on the watershed of the Mures and the Olt, on the Izvorul Mureșului Pass (its altitude next to the inn being 890 m). The 'treshold' connecting the Ciucului and the Giurgiului basins (the Izvorul Mureșului or Sandominic sill) marks the border of the Giurgiului Mountains and of the Harghita at the same time, although the Geréces Peak (1,126 m) rising in the south also belongs to the chrystaline range, being made up by granular limestone. The Izvorul Mureșului border is closed by the the Ciucului Peak (1,154 m), the 'forerunner' of the Harghitaian volcanic cones. The alpine grasslands full of flowers offer a pleasant view to the hikers and the Geréces mountainside a good ski-slope in the winter. We can reach the watershed along National Road 12.

Youth spa Today it is one of the most significant youth resort of the country. During the several decades of its existence, the touristic supplies have been grown significantly. The Geréces hillside is the scene of the winter sports. There is a ski-lift here as well.

A new Roman Catholic church has been built in Izvorul Mureșului. Its old chapel dates back to 1930. There is a small belfry in the court of the parsonage.

On 14th November 1999 the building of a Reformed chapel was started in the settlement.

An Orthodox church and monastery were also inaugurated here in 1999.