Gheorgheni region

Valea Str‚mb„ (Tekerűpatak)

Valea Str‚mb„ is situated along National Road 12 and the no. 138 county road in the valley of the 'Backflowing' Stream. It borders on the Upper Ciuc villages in the south, on Gheorgheni, Lazarea and Ditrau in the north, on Chilieni and Voslobeni in the west. The village was actually formed as a result of the village duplication on the area previously belonging to Gheorgheni. On the turn of the century the following other inhabited places were registered next to the name of the village: Heveder, ÷lves and TinkŠk. In 1992, it had 1,465 inhabitants, out of which 1,292 Magyars, 157 Gypsies, 16 Romanians.

They used to mine granular limestone for construction on the area belonging to the village. There also used to be hemp-retting lakes.

Roman Catholic ChurchThe church with predominantly folk Baroque elements was built in 1734. Burnt down in 1801, it was rebuilt in 1838. It is a listed monument of the county (1992).

There is a small stone chapel, the Saint Rose Chapel on the edge of the village, built in 1760, erected in commemoration of the plague of 1602.

Whispering Cave

Trip to Izvorul Mures, to the Hasmasu Mare.

There is a 75 m ski-jump at the village border.