Casin region

Plaiesii de Sus (Kászonfeltíz)

Plaiesii de Sus is the northernmost settlement of the Plaiesii. It is 48 km far from Miercurea-Ciuc (through Iacobeni - Plaiesii de Jos). In 1992, it had 822 inhabitants, with the exception of 67 Romanians and 156 Romas all Magyars. Today it is completely grown together with Plaiesii de Jos.

Until the middle of the 18th century it had been known as the 'Upper Village'. Beginning with 1750 the two Plaiesii have been mentioned as separate villages but only from administrative point of view at first. Then there were only 101 families in Plaiesii de Sus, the most populated area being Casinu. During World War II, the battle-line was here for two weeks during which several hundreds of farms were destroyed by bombs. The inhabitants of the village were Sekler border guards and farmers. Common ancestry and collective farming bound together the inhabitants of the old streets. The inner ground-plot presents a group pattern; the double yards have gradually disappeared. There is a wood-mill and a weaving mill in the village today where the traditional carpets of Plaiesii are woven.

The 'Short' Stream (on the left) and the Pucioasa Stream flow into the Casinu Stream. The mineral water of the Saint Stephen Spring of Piatra Alba used to be bottled here between 1893 and 1944. Its spring Seiche was also curative.