Casin region

Casinu Nou (Kászonújfalu)

Casinu Nou is situated along National Road 11B, 12 km far from Cozmeni, 34 km from Miercurea-Ciuc and 26 km from Targu Secuiesc. Its name refers to its being a newer settlement than Casinu Mare. It lies on both sides of the Veszes Stream. In 1992, the number of its inhabitants was 886, with the exception of 8 Romanians and 30 Gypsies they were all Magyars. There used to be a small chapel in the village erected in 1701 in honour of Saint Nicholas. This was the year of its becoming an independent parish with own registration beginning with 1705. Its name appeared first in 1477. In 1567 the village was mentioned as Újfalu ('New Village') with 26 gates. According to the folk tradition, the people of Casinu were settled here by Szilamér, son of baron Apor.

Leaving Casinu Nou to the north, Plaiesii de Jos and Plaiesii de Sus, these two villages closely grown together, can be approached along the 121G county road. Between the Szetye and the Nádaska streams used to stand the Szetye Castle; the Nagy-Szetye (961 m) rises to the east of it.

From the Nyerges Peak the 'Cart road' Stream comes down which flows into the Veszes Stream in the vicinity of the village. This latter flows over the village, then taking the Veresvész (from the north), Nádas, Keckán, Szetye streams finally flows into the Casinu Nou Stream.

Roman Catholic Church The church was built in 1792, its tower dates back to 1768. It was consecrated by Ignác Batthányi bishop on 24th May 1796. There is a crucifix in front of the church made in 1949. The church was damaged by the earthquakes of 1940 and 1977.