Praid and its surroundings

Tracks of Korond

Walking-tour to the castle of Firtușului and to the Firtușului peak (1062 m)


Track: Factory of pottery, Corund - upstream on the right bank of the Șugo stream - Tóhely (grange) - Fountain of Firtuș (spring) - Castle of Firtuș - Firtuș mountain

red stripe, 8 km, 480 m level difference, 2 hours.

The main sight of the Firtuș peak is the castle of Firtuș.

Round trip in Corund.

track: Corund - Motel Árcsó - Vf. Câmpul Lupului - Pálpataka - Saddle of Pálpataka - Hunters'lodge - Fântâna Brazilor - Calonda peak

Marks: yellow point, 22 km, 8 hours, 520 m level difference

Walking tour to Vârșag

Track:Corund - Saddle of Fekete stream - Fântâna Brazilor - Veresmező - The valley of the Tarnava Mare river .

Marks: Yellow cross, 11 km, 4 hours, 300 m level difference

Walking tours from the Calonda peak

The 13A main road leaves Corund to south, goes in the valley of Chebeled stream and leads towards the Calonda peak

Walking tour to Sâncel

Track: Calonda peak - Sâncel - Dealu

Marks: yellow stripe, or we can go along the path across the field, 8 km, 2 hours


From the Calonda peak we arrive to Sâncel leaving the 13A main road, goig through the mountain hay fields, and the Northern region of the Nicău

Calonda peak - Păuleni

We start from the Calonda peak and we turn right from the main road (to west). After 4 hours walk on the ridge we arrive above Păuleni, which is situated at the foot of Szilas (1009 m). From the vulcanic plateau we can go down to Păuleni on the old road ("Big road") that links Corund with Păuleni.

Calonda peak - Szilas - Firtușu mountain

From the Calonda peak along the slope of Szilas (1009 m) we can reach the Firtușu mountain (1062 m). (8 km, without marks, 2-3 hours)

If we have the whole day, it is worth walking 21 km to wander all over the eastern margins of Ținutului Sării (Salt region). Track: Calonda peak - Sâncel - Fântăna Brazilor - Valea lui Pavel - Csere hill - Arcio; mark: yellow point (5 hours).

Village of Corund Arciu hostel (Corund Arciu) - Valea lui Pavel - Fântâna Brazilor - „Négyes elágazás" - Pasul Calonda

Mark: yellow point Track time: 7 hours Length of track: 22 km. Level difference: 520 m

Starting from the Árcsó hostel in Corund we cross the DN 13A main road, and we go in the northeast direction through the forest of Csere hill and we reach the shepard village Valea lui Pavel. From here, in the southeast direction we cross the river of Corund, then when we reach the shepard village Fântâna Brazilor and the "négyes" intersection we go to southwest, and South-East, we go through the pasture of Fehér-Nyék, then we go to the south, then southwest, and we climb to the Calonda peak, and we reach the DN 13A main road, that leads from Odorheiu-Secuiesc to Corund, then to Praid.

The village of Corund - „Négyes elágazás" - Fekete stream - the road no.25 of Vărșag.

Mark: yellow cross Track time: 4 hours Length of track: 12 km. Level difference: 460 m

We start from the last houses of the southeastern part of Corund, we go in northeast direction, on the Fehér-Nyék road, which leads to the "Négyes elágazás", under Fântâna Brazilor. We go now upwards in the same direction, and after the roads between Fekete stream and Veres meadow we reach the road no.25, which leads to Vărșag.