Praid and its surroundings

Tracks of Praid

Excursion to Piatra Şiclodului

Marks: yellow point, 7 km, 2-3 hours.

The track starts from Bánya street, from the salt mill, near the bath. After 1,5 km we reach the old mine, and through the valley of the Harom river we can reach one of the highest peaks of the "salt region".

Excursion to the castle of Rapsonné (Cetatea Rab)

Track: Praid - Bodea- 5. Km-landmark - Castle gate - Castle of Rapsonné (952 m)

on trail, 7 km, 2 hours.

As we leave Praid on the main road 13B to east, we go upstream in the valley of the Tarnava Mica, and we leave our car in the parking at the 5km landmark. As we turn left from the main road, after the hay field we arrive to a small saddle: this is the Várkapu (gate of the castle) or Várnyak. The rock formation that can be seen is the stone of Rapsonné (905 m, 2,5 km from the main road). In front of us Vártető can be seen (952 m). This is the place where the castle of Rapsonné used to stay. This rock worths the climbing from South-East (from the "Tízesek"). The castle of Rapsóné is also approachable from the direction of Sovata and Illyésmező.

Walking-tour in the valley of Kiság

Track: Praid - main road 13B - Bucin (8. Km-landmark) - Valley of Creanga Mică - Meadow of Bogdan - tourist-hostel Bogdan (1297 m) - Culmea Luminată (1436 m) - Vf. Borzont (1436 m) - the two lanes meet here with the marks on the ridge) - Meteo station - Bucin peak (1273 m)

Marks: blue point, 14 km, 4 hours, 580 m level difference.


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