Odorheiu-Secuiesc and the Harghita Madarasi

Tracks of Odorhei region

Trips.Walking-tour on the Gordon-peak (953 m, unmarked road, 3 km, 3 hours). Walk in Kisfalu (touching the Csere peak, descending on the Morii mountain pass, unmarked route, 3 km, 1 hour). Tour on the Nicăului-peak (1009 m) and from there on the Dealu narcissi fields (unmarked road, 12 km, 5 hours).

Walking-tour to Vf. Szilas (994 m, respectively 1009 m) and on Vf. Firtușu mountain (1062 m). Route: Păuleni village - old road - Szilas - Vf. Firtușu peak - Dealul Cetății. Unmarked road, ridge tour; Running-time: 1 hour

Walking-tour to the Pasul Calonda-peak (845 m) and on Sâncel.

Route: Păuleni village - Szilas - Pasul Calonda peak (845 m) - Sâncel. Unmarked road, ridge tour. Running-time: 3 hours.

Walk to the Dealul Cetății (880 m, unmarked road, a 2 hours walking-tour). On the watershed ridge between the Nicău and the Tărnava Mare-stream, which flows in the Tarnava Mare, a field of 2,6 acres is bordered from three directions by ditches of 4-8 meters. There is a scarp on its southwest side.

Tripto the nearestPolonița (In the native village of Orbán Balázs, at the grave of his parents), Tămașu and Ulcani, to the Ugron crypt situated on the Seiche hill, and to Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Rugănești - dealul Rez 932 m - Polonița - Băile Seiche - Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Mark: yellow stripe Track time: 4 hours Length of track: 12 km. Level difference: 320 m

The road through Ruganesti ramifies eastwards from the DN 13A main road that connects Cristuru Secuiesc and Odorheiu Secuiesc. The mark leads upstream 300 m in the valley of Nicău Alb, then turns to east. The one 1 1/2 hour difficult slope leads to the Vf. Rez peak (932 m), from there, going through a small grange named Ciroșeni, we can reach Polonița (1,5 km) - the native village of Orbán Balázs - than we reach the DN 13A main road, Băilor Seiche.

Excursion to Rez, to Laz, and to Țechend peak

Leaving Satu Mare, behind the concrete bridge of Brădești stream the 13A main road goes up abruptly on the slope of Țechend. On the left the Dealul Cetății peak, 845 m, where we can find the castle of Máré - on the right bank of the Brădești stream - which dates back to the Bronze Age-early Iron Age) outlines, and on the right from the main road we can see the Laz (the Țechend). We go through a mixed forest, up to the Țechend peak. There are almost twenty curves on this path.

Excursion to the castle of Máré. The castle is situated on the Southern part of Dealul Cetății peak (845 m).

Walking-tour to Cireșeni and to the Vf. Aramei (ridge tour - 1 hour walking).

Hotels and other accommodations

Hotel Târnava (Piața Libertății square no.8. tel. 213-963; 213-964, Fax: 213-970), two stars, 143 places (10 rooms with one bed, 60 rooms with two beds, 3 apartments), 110 places in the restaurant, day-pub, summer terrace. Demeter Import-Export Company-Hotel Wienez (Kuvar str. no.15. tel. 212-602). 1 apartments, and 10 rooms with full comfort (two rooms with 3 beds and eight rooms with 2 beds), a luxury room with 2 beds and one extra luxury room. Béluci guesthouse (HIOB Roumanie Ltd.) Gábor Áron str. no.1. tel. 40-66-212-602, 214-256. Fax:212-286. Palló Imre Foundation. Kossuth Lajos str. no. 41. Administrator: Bodurján János, Tel. 40-66-212-740., 212-631.Reformat Dormitory. Rákóczi F. str. Administrator: Dobai László reverend, tel. /Fax: 40-66-213-731. The Dormitory of the Agricultural School Center : Tompa László str. no.12. Tel. 40-66-211-473. 80 places in rooms with 7-8 beds. Restaurants (by roads, in the direction of the approaching): Select Ltd. (Hargita square no. 3. tel. 212-369). Restaurant Gondûző (Klíma Ltd., Szent Imre str. no.18. tel. 211-247). Restaurant Tábor Ltd. (bul Independenței avenue no. 16. tel. 211-926). Restaurant Butoiul de Aur (Odorest Ltd., Vasile Alecsandri str. no. 58.). Texim Ltd. (Tamási Áron str. no. 15., tel. 213-989). Jazz Serv Com Ltd. (City park, Esplanade- tel. 211-285). Restaurant Gizi (Citadella Ltd., Vlad Tepes str. -Nyírő József str. no. 3. tel. 215-902). Restaurant Europa (Alimpex SA - Bethlen G. str.no.18. tel. 215-769). Ciocârlia Ltd- Braserie (Pieții str. no. 42. tel. 213-803). Restaurant Béluci (HIOB Roumanie Ltd., Gábor Áron str.no. l. tel. 214-256). Comal Homorod SA (Victoriei str. tel. 214-664). Restaurant Romantika (Auto M & Company Ltd., Bethlenfalvi str.no. 194. tel. 216-096). Restaurant Fényes(Kossuth L. str.). Pubs: Elekes Intercom Ltd. (Bethlen G. str.no. 4. tel. 212-110).