Odorheiu-Secuiesc and the Harghita Madarasi

Tracks of Zetea

Zetea - Fedelin mountain (870 m) - houses in Fedelin - road of Brădești stream - forest road of Brădești stream - DJ 13A - Satu Mare - Brădești

Mark: yellow point (in preparation)

Track time: 7 hours Length of track: 21 km. Level difference: 470 m

This is a round tour track for spring-summer-autumn, in winter recommended only for skiers.

Departure point: from Zetea on the road towards the Fedelin mountain (870 m). We start from the church, after 1 km we go across the bridge over the stream Tarnava Mare and we go up to the houses situated on the Northern side of the Fedelin peak. This is the road no. 27, marked with blue points. After the last house we turn to the right, to South. We go across the Brădești stream and we go back to the forest road of the Brădești stream, which-after 6 km - leads us to the DN 13A main road. We walk now 3 kms. We arrive to Brădești in an hour (2,8 km). From here we can go back to Zetea, through Târnovița.

From Zetea to the Mădărași

Zetea - Vf. Fedeliu peak (870 m) - Hay-making houses in Fedeliu (11 houses) - Guesthouse in Mădărași Hargita

Mark: blue point Track time: 8 hours. Length of track: 22 km. Level difference: 1090 m

It's a hard and tiring track even in the Summer, in winter it's recommended only for young people who are good climbers and good skiers.

Our starting point is the church in Zetea. From here we can go on the road of the Fedeliu peak, across the bridge on the Tarnava Mare, to Northeast, and in a half an hour we can reach the 11 houses of Fedeliu. From here, going to the left, we can reach the houses of Deșag. From here, on the paths of the forest, which lead to East, in an hour we can reach the yellow cross marks of the tour track no. 19. Now we can turn to the South, and after 1 km on the track no 19, at the Fambéd spring we turn to East again, and we go upstream the Fambéd stream. When we reached the track no 21, following the blue cross marks on the ridge path (Eastern part of the Mihály mountain), in 8 hours we can reach the Guesthouse of Mădărași Hargita.

Subcetate - The valley of the Ivo stream - Izvoare - Fântânele acoperit fountain - The road of Ivo stream - Șaua Fertău saddle (main ridge road no 1., blue stripe)

Mark: yellow stripe Track time: 6 hours Length of track: 17 km. Level difference: 720 m

Start from Subcetate, from the DJ 138 main road, from the board factory of Zsigmond works. We go on the forest road up along the Ivo stream, to northeast, through the village Ivo to the Fântâna acoperită nr. 1. fountain, where we turn to the left and we keep on going in this direction until we reach the narrow forest road under the Ivo peak (1076 m). We go 3 kms from here on the forest road, and after that on a good walk path we arrive to the little marsh of the Șaua Fertău saddle.

The valley of Ivo - Fântâna acoperită nr.1 fountain - Forest road of the Filio valley - Mădăraș Hargita hostel (

Mark: blue cross Track time: 3 hours Length of track: 8 km. Level difference: 640 m

We start from the valley of Ivo, from Fântâna Acoperită nr.1 fountain . We go to east (right) on the forest road Filio, on the left bank of the stream. The last 3 kms we have to walk uphill on a serpentine course, up to the forester's lodge, from where after 800 m we reach the -Mădăraș Hargita hostel.

Zetea - Dealu - Lupeni

Mark: yellow point Track time: 3 hours Length of track: 8,4 km. Level difference: 20 m

From Zetea, through Dealu we can do excursions to Lupeni. The road is good between these three villages. The track is accessible even in winter.