The Ciuc Mountains

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There are many roads in the Munții Ciucului mountains. The main routes are of course along the Olt and Trotuș rivers. There are also many railways. There are a few important asphalt roads, the secondary roads branch from these asphalt roads.

The western slope of the mountain can be accessed on the main road no. 12 which goes along the Olt valee.

On the northern, northeastern edge of the Munții Ciucului mountains along the Trotuș there is the 12/A main road, between Miercurea-Ciuc and Onesti.

In the region of Ciucului de Jos we can find the 11/B main road which starts from Cozmeni, goes across pasul Niergeș peak towards Tg. Secuiesc.

If we come from Moldova towards the Munții Ciucului mountains, we can use the main road Moinesti-Comanesti (no. 2G).

The roads connecting Sândominic with Bălan (no. 125) and Sânmartin with Ciucsângeorgiu (123/B) are good quality main roads. Both roads branch right from the main road no. 12.

The road 127/B starts from Lunca de Jos, goes along the Valea Rece-Valea Iavardi stream and reaches Bălan or Sândominic. This is also the tourist track no. 4, meets the main road no. 125. The road 127/A leads through Lunca de Jos Valea Rece and goes up to Poiana Fagului mountain. It branches from the main road no. 12/A.

The road no. 124 is an important road. It branches from the main road no. 12 in Racu, connects the villages below Cad mountain (Racu-Satu Nou-Văcărești), goes through Mihăileni and Nădejdea and reaches Livezi. We can access on this road the tourist tracks no. 1 and 18.

The railway also follows the valleys of the two rivers; they are often very close to the roads. The railway no. 400goes along Brașov-Ciceu-Deda and follows the valley of Olt and Mures in the Ciuc- and Gheorgheni basins. It plays an important role in accessing the middle and northern region of Munții Ciucului mountains. As starting point we can choose Miercurea-Ciuc, Racu or Sândominic.

The railway no. 501 climbs up to Livezi between Ciceu and Adjud, on he southern slope of Cad mountains. After the tunnel, following the valley of pârâului Gârbea stream the railway reaches Lunca de Sus. From here the rails follow the valley of Tatros until Adjud. The stations Tarcău, Lunca de Jos, Ghimeș-Făget, Sulca, Caralita, Comănesti or Dărmănești are the starting points of many tourist tracks for those who come by train.

The main roads 12, 12/A and 2G in Ciuc, Ghimes or Comănesti basins, are directly connected to the railways.


Tușnad Băi bath

Hotel Ciucas Telephone: 135584, fax: 135004 Hotel Olt Telephone: 135676, 135258-259-260, Fax: 135474 Hotel Tusnad Telephone: 135201-202-204-205 és 558 Pensiunea Ciomad Telephone: 135145 Univers Turist Ltd Telephone: 135447, 135256, 135415, Fax: 135419 Tusnad Inc. Telephone: 135537, 135292, 135046, Fax: 135108


Hotel Prince and Jótevő country tavern Telephone: 124991, 171583 Hotel Sport Telephone: 116161 Hotel Bradul Telephone: 111497, 171173 Hotel Gyopár Telephone: 172068, Fax: 112533 Hotel Park Telephone: 113833, Fax: 114095


Kishavas guesthouse Telephone: 171426


Camping, 24 places, 10 huts, restaurant

Poiana Uzului

Hanul (Motel) Poiana Uzului 46 places in the motel (the motel of the accumulation lake of Poiana Uzului) 14 places in huts, restaurant, bar

Valea Întunecoasă (Lunca de Jos)

Guesthouse, 14 places (at the mineral water bath)