The Ciuc Mountains

Ridge paths

Going around the main ridges of Munții Ciucului mountains will take one week or ten days.

Track no. 1:

First day: Poiana Tarcăului meadow (1300 m) - Noșcolat (1553 m) - Vf.Sălămaș peak (1551 m) - Crucea Condra cross- Vf. Buciului peak (1372 m) - Vf. Utușoi peak (1254 m) - Vf. Ars peak (1232 m) - Vf. Lacrimi (1314 m) - Mt. Frumos slope (1336 m) - Vf. Lapoș mountain (1296 m) - Mt. Păgânilor mountain slope (1351 m) - Pasul Ghimeșului pass (1155 m)

Mark: red stripe, defective Length of track: 24 km Running time: 7-8 hours Level difference: (between the valley of the Olt and the Naskalat peak) 704 m.

On the west, from the valley of Olt on the edge of the mountain between Gálkútja and Bálint streams the road DJ 127/B goes up to the saddle of Pasul Dracului in Șaua Tarcăului saddle, to the dividing line of the accumulation lake of Tatros and Olt. From the east we reach the Tarcăului saddle on the road that comes from the valee of Iavardi (DJ 127/A). The marks are defective. We follow the road in northeast-southwest direction, and we reach the eastern edge of the mountain pasture behind the peaks of Săcădat (1396, 1320 m). The path goes along the edge of the forest. After 10 min we go around a smaller peak (1418 m) and we reach the northern wasteland of Dánfalva-Naskalat. We climb to the Noșcolatul lui Danfălău (1454 m). The road goes along the west edge of the ridge and reaches Noșcolat (1553 m). After 1 km we reach the Sălămaș(1551 m). We go down to the watershed of Sălămaș (east) and Átalag streams (west) and reach the Crucea Condra cross. Changing direction from the Crucea Condra cross we start to go westwards and go across the accumulation basin of Sötét stream. We continue our way to southwest on the ridge and we reach the Vf. Buciului peak (1372 m). From here we go down on the east edge of the pine forest. At the upper end of Fagului Mic (1276 m) the ridge road goes in two directions. The southwestern road is unmarked and leads to Vf. Livezi peak (1290 m) and after that reaches the railway. We follow the ridge road towards southeast and we go down and reach the tunnel of the railway (the station is about 1 km away). The ridge road goes up to the western point of Vf. Utușoi (1254 m) and goes down on the opposite slope. The road changes direction and goes towards southwest and reaches Vf. Rez peak (1219 m). From here goes to the south and after the woods reaches the hay field situated on the eastern side ofVf. Lacrimi (1314 m). The road, touching the western part of Mt. Frumos,Vf. Lapoș (1296 m) and reachesVf. Păgânilor (1351 m). Near Köpüs fountain the road goes in two directions. The one towards southwest leads to Frumoasa. We reached the last part of our tour, the Pasul Ghimeș pass (1155 m). Here we find the 12/A main road that connects Ciucul with Moldva.

Second and third day: Pasul Ghimeșului pass (1155 m) - Vf. Viscolul (1494 m) - Vf. Tomot (1402 m) - Mt. Străjerului (1301 m) - Vf. Ghiurche peak (1366 m) - Vf. Agăș peak (1359 m) - Vf. lui Andrei peak (1307 m) - Mt. Capul Trecătorii (1233 m) - Vf. Benesd peak (1270 m) - Vf. Uriașului peak (1297 m) - Vf. Havaș peak (1253 m) - Vf. Cicinda (1194 m) - Vf. Rugatul Mare (1181 m) - Vf. Rugat peak (1085 m)

Mark: red stripe, very defective Length of track: 28-30 km Running time: 9-10 hours Level difference: 410 m

Not recommended in the winter because of the length of the track and the lack of accommodations.

Leaving behind the Ghimeș pass we walk 9 km on asphalt road and we reach Vf. Viscolul (1494 m). The place named Motorsirülő is the meeting point of many roads. After Capul Frumos (1371 m) we reach the upper end of Ghimeș Făget. On the southern part of Capul Frumos we find the only spring "Izvorul Îndrăgostiților" in this part of the track. From the saddle of Havaș stream we go up on a tractor road and reach the Vf. Tomatul de Sus peak (1422 m), where the road turns to the east. But we turn southand go down to the watershed of Tomat and Aștud streams. Vf. Tomatul de Mijloc (1415 m) peak from the west. On the south there is another saddle where the road bifurcates. We chose tha road that goes to east if we don't want to end up in the Potiond village.Following this road we go down in the valley of a smaller stream. Crossing the stream we go up and reach the end of Vf. Străjerului. After a smaller peak (1242 m) we reach Vf. Străjerului (1301 m). We turn to northeast in the saddle of Bükk crag and Vf. Străjerului. After a while we reach the saddle of Vf. Ghiurche peak (1366 m) and Vf. Străjerului. We go along the road that leads to the Fișagul valley. After we climb the Vf. Ghiurche peak we turn to the south. We go along the ridge between Fișag- (west) and Ciobănișul (east)- streams. We walk 5 km to south, we touch the Vf. Agăș peak (1358 m), Vf. lui Andrei peak (1307 m) and Capul Trecătorii (1133 m). On the edge between Vf.Agăș peak and Vf. lui Andrei peak the blue cross mark goes to east. From Capul Trecătorii the ridge turns to southwest, following the valley of Uz. From theVf. Cicinda peak we walk downwards for 20 min and reachPasul Uzului peak.

Fourth-fifth day: Pasul Uzului peak (1085 m) - Vf. Botșarca (1199 m) - Vf. Gorodsig (1152 m) - (1133 m) - Vf. Ocloș crag (1164 m) - Culmea Cotorca edge (1049 m) - Gâtul Apa Albă watershed - Vf. Capostaș mountain (1455 m) - Vf. Bobișca (1453 m) - Vf. Capoțag (1389 m) - Vf. Repatu peak (1291 m) - Vf. Mociver peak (1173 m) - Piscul Poianului crag (1173 m) - Vf. Gombaș crag (1198 m) - Apa Lină stream

Mark: defective red stripe Length of track: 34 km Running time: 10-12 hours Level difference: about 475 m Description: Accessible only in summer, two days tour.

The cart road bifurcates on the slope of Botsarka. We choose the left mountain road between Vf Botșarca (1192 m) and Vf. Iaroș peaks (1213 m). We go near the springs of Uz and we are in front of Vf. Gorodsig (1152 m) in the upper part of the Uz valley on the DJ 123 road. We go to the left on the ridge and we reach the wasteland of Capul Bradului (1135 m), we see the houses of Cinod and of Plăieșii de Sus. After 1 km we reach a few houses. Soon we reach the Vf. Ocloș crag (1164 m). We walk 4-5 km in the forest. After the Szoke peak (1104 m) we start to descend. We reach the edge of the forest and we are in a flat saddle. We go across the clearing and climb to the Gâtul Apa Albă peak (1015 m). From here we go down to the road of the watershed (150 m) we reach theGâtul Apa Albă (980 m) and we go down to the Bazinul Casinului basin, along the Margareta stream, and Casin stream. We go back 400 m on the forest road towards the Uz valley, in order to climb to the Vf. Capostaș mountain. We go along the edge that divides Tőrös crag and Iahoroș streams and we reach the peak of Vf. Capostaș mountain. We can go in two directions: to south, in the direction of the slope of the mountain in the direction of Ráduly fountain, or we can go along the ridge (about 300 m) and reach a crossroad. From here we go around a small peak (1298 m). Leaving behind the peak we reach a small, flat saddle. After 800 m in the woods we reach the clearing of Vf. lui Ștefan. From here we turn to south. On the ridge we keep the south-southeast direction. The marks are rare in the dense forest. We reach saddle and after a few minutes we reach Vf. Bobișca (1453 m). The forest ends here. The Vf. Repatu Mare peak (1291 m) is 5 km away. The Vf. Repatu Mare peak is the meeting point of many tracks. After 5 more kilometers we reach the Füge peak (1189 m). From here we go west-southwest on the ridge. We go down from the Füge peak and we climb the Vf. Mociver (1145 m) peak. From here we descend until we reach Măgura Vinului (1038 m). We go to the south and after 2 km we reach the Piscul Poianului crag (1173 m). From here we go in the direction of Vf. Gombaș crag (1198 m). We turn to east and we reach the meadows of Apei Line valley. We can find accommodation in cătunul Cărpineni (2 km) or Estelnic (4 km).

Track no 2:

First day: Pasul Uzului peak (1085 m) - slope of Vf. Botșarca (1192 m) - Capul Vișinii (1116 m) - Vf. Popii mountain (1164 m) - Dl. Ferteș peak (1051 m) - Pasul Casin (Niergeș) peak (876 m)

Mark: blue stripe, defective Length of track: 16 km Running time: 5-6 hours Level difference: 390 m Description: Accessible in each season.

The mountain road starts from the Pasul Uzului peak and at first goes along the mark of the main ridge (red stripe) until the northwestern slope of Vf. Botșarca (1192 m). We follow the right road which goes on the western slope of Vf. Botșarca. The road goes to the south. At the springs of Cseke stream, from a little hill (1108 m) we can see the deep valley of Nagy-Szetye stream in the eastern part of the Bazinul Casinului basin. At Capul Vișinii (1116 m) we turn to the west, and then to the south, dodging springs of Kis-Szetye stream. We reach the Vf. Popii mountain (1164 m) from west. On the west we see the Alcsíki basin and South-Hargita. From the Vf. Popii mountain we go down 1 km to the west, then we turn to southwest. From here we climb the Dealului Capra peak (1061 m). After that we reach the wasteland of Dl Ferteș peak (1051 m). From here we go down 2 km to the Pasul Niergeș peak. After 10 min we reach the Cozmeni - Casin main road (11B).

Second day: Pasul Niergeș peak (876 m) - Dl. Inului garden (1092 m) - Șeaua Niergeș edge (Dl. Balaj hill, creasta Töris peak) - Vf. Țețelea (1173 m) - Vf. Gorgan peak (1135 m) - Vf. de Mijloc(1087 m) - Cetatea Balvanioș castle (1056 m)

Mark: Blue stripe Length of track: 14 km Running time: 4-5 hours Level difference: 297 m Description: Accessible in each season, defective marks.

From pasul Niergeș peak the tourist road starts from the monument and goes uphill the Niergeș. We go through a forest, and we reach theDealul Inului garden. Near the Dealului Balaj hill (1074 m) the clearing gets narrow. We continue our way to south. From the corner of Köpüs fountain we descend and we reach the saddle before Vf. Töris . In front of us we see the Kápolna meadow. From here we can see the Mohos, Fûharam, and Nagyharam. From the peak of Töris the road goes down. We turn to the east oat the upper edge of the forest and we reach theVf. Țețelea (1173 m). We are at the end of the M-ții Ciucului mountains. On the end of the second mountain we see the stumpy tower of Vf. Balvanioș castle. From Vf. Țețelea we go back to the ridge path and we reach the region of M-ții Bodoc mountains. We follow the west-south-west direction forest road on theVf. Gorgán peakuntil we find the tourist road marked with red cross that comes from Cozmeni. We follow this road and we reach Balvanioș castle. In the saddle between Vf.Gorgan and Mijloc peak we change our direction to north-south, otherwise we lose the path that goes along the foot of Vf. Balvanioș mountain. After visiting the castle we go down to Balvanioș bath where we can easily find accommodation.