The Ciuc Mountains

Tracks on the northern part of Munții Ciucului mountains

Track no 3: Tarcău railway station - Valea Întunecoasă stream- Crucea Condra cross- Vf. Trei Pietre (1472 m) - Tarcău railway station

Mark: red cross to the Kondra cross, after that unmarked Length of track: 18 km Running time: 5-6 hours Level difference: 700 m Links to track no. 1. Description: Although it is accessible in all seasons, in the winter we recommend it only for groups and in clear weather.

If we arrive by train we should get down at Tarcău railway station (railway no.501, 120 km from Adjud, 29 km from Ciceu). We go across the main road of the Trotuș valley (12/A) and we take the first road on the right, we go along the right bank of the Trotuș, and after 1 km we reach Valea Întunecoasă, and we go around the foot of Vf. Antonești mountain (1132 m). We see on the left the mineral water bath of Valea Întunecoasă. A few hundred meters away we can see houses and a road in a narrow valley. After 2 km we leave behind the last houses. We keep on going along Întunecoasă stream. After 1,5 km the forest road turns to the left at the meeting point of Valea Întunecoasă and Heveder streams. After a long walk we reach the main ridge of M-ții Ciucului mountains. At the meeting point of the two roads we can see a few defective marks on the pine trees. We turn to the right from the forest road. After we leave the clearing of the ridge we climb up through a small forest. Leaving the forest we reach a small clearing (1403 m). We go along the edge of the forest and go around the valleys of Heveder and Valea Întunecoasă streams. After a while we reach a saddle between Vf.Rez peak (1430 m) and the main ridge. The path leads up in a small forest and reaches Crucea Condra cross. This is the meeting point of a few tourist tracks.We go back southwards in the direction of Vf. Trei Pietre (1471 m). There are no marks but following the map we turn to the left (east) under the Vf. Trei Pietre stone wasteland and we reach Valea Lui Antaloc village, after that Lunca de Jos.

Track no. 4: Lunca de Jos - Valea Rece - Valea Iavardi stream- valley of Jávárdi stream- Șaua Tarcău saddle (1300 m) - Fântâna lui Gál stream- Bălan

Mark: red cross between Balánbánya and Terkő saddle, the rest unmarked Lengthof track: 18 km Running time: 6-7 hours Level difference: 500 m Links to track no. 1 Description: Accessible in each season, on foot, by bike, by car.

The village ofValea Receis situated in the valley between Ban mountain (1133 m) and Vf.Orodik mountain (1297 m). The houses of Valea Iavardi are situated along the stream with the same name. We start from the upper part of the stream, we leave behind a cottage like building. We reach the eastern end of the Șaua Tarcăului saddle. We go across the wasteland and we go down to the meeting point of Fântâna lui Gáland Bálint streams. The place is called the slope of Devil. We find here 2 crust springs near the road. We are now in the valley of Olt; from here we may go to Bălan or to Sândominic.

Track no.5: Sândominic - the DJ 125 - Fagul Ciobanului(1231m) - Crucea Condra cross- Creasta Noșcolat ridge

Mark: red cross (very defective) Length of track: 9 km from the Szabók stream Running time: 3-4 hours Level difference: 790 m Links: to track no. 1 Description: Accessible in summer, in the winter only in groups and in clear weather.

FromSândominic we come up on the asphalt road in the Bălan direction and we reach the meeting point of Croitorilor stream and Olt. Along the Croitorilor stream we go across a hay field and after a while we enter a wood. We climb up a hill and after 800 m we reach Vf. Fagul Ciobanului. From here we can go back to the Croitorilor stream and going along of it we can reach the ridge of creasta Mestecănișului (1231 m), or we can go eastwards and northeastwards along the narrow ridge of Fagul Ciobanului and reach creasta Mestecănișului. There is no road across the hay field for about 1 km. From the peak of creasta Mestecănișului the road goes through woods and hay fields for about 3 km. We go along the ridge between Noșcolat and Mestecănișului streams for about 2 km. The last part of the track - after we leave behind a forest - is a mountain hay field. We reach the saddle between Crucea Condra cross and Vf. Sălămaș peak and after 2 km walk on the ridge (track no.1) we reach Noșcolat.