The Ciuc Mountains

Tracks on the eastern part of Munții Ciucului mountains

Track no 11: Comănești - the valley of pârâul Șupan stream- Podul de piatra - Vf. Lapoș ridge (1336 m) - Plaiul Lapoșului mountain - Mt. Mueruș mountain (1371 m) - Valea Uzului yard

Mark: red triangle, defective Length of track: 22 km Running time: 6-7 hours Level difference: 970 m Lincs to track no 13, 14, 16 Description: Accessible only in summer.

. We start from Comănești and go westwards. We go across the Trotuș bridge and follow the road along Șupan stream. The valley is like a canyon at Tigla Mica hill. We go along the right bank of Șupan stream. We reach a place named Kőhíd. Here we leave the road which leads to the coalmines, and we keep on going along the road that follows the stream. After 10 min walk we reach the lower side of La Podul de piatră meadow. We can climb to Vf. Lapoș ridge following the road along the edge of the forest or we can go up on the slope along the high voltage cables. we can find some defective marks on pine trees. We reach the TV relay and we keep on going near the tennis-ground and we enter the forest. We go along the ridge and after 40-50 min we reach a clearing. We continue our way on the upper edge of the clearing and after a while we enter the woods. This is the last part of Vf. Lapoș mountain. We go around a small peak (1229 m), which marks the beginning of the edge of the Dragote. This route connects Vf. Mueruș with Lapoș. The marks are defective so we should take into consideration the red H marks of the forestry parcels. The east-west direction path turns to the left on a clearing at the southeastern end of Vf. Mueruș peak. We leave the lower side of Magyarós clearing and after hours descending we reach the meeting point of Vf. Mueruș and Lapoș streams. Here we follow the forest road of Vf. Mueruș stream and after 2 km we reach the road of the Uz valley. We can see a small chapel on our way toValea Uzului.

Track no.12: Caralița railway station - the valley of Ciobăniș stream - Tulburea stream- Mt. Piciorul Lat (1224 m) - Vf. Cărunta (1517 m) - Vf. Șoimar (1343 m) - Vf. Cristeș (1383m) - Vf. Burda (1378 m) - Obcina Coșnei (1291 m) - Vf. Vițeilor ridge (1373 m) - Vf. Viscolul (1494 m)

Mark: red cross (defective). The track is unmarked between Caralița rail station and Tulburea Foresters' lodge Length of track: 32 km Running time: 12-14 hours Level difference: 1000 m Links to track no 1, 6, 8 Description: Accessible only in summer and in groups!

It's a two-days tour. Tent is needed because there are no hostels or motels, there are very few foresters' lodges. Starting point: the Caralița railway station on the Adjud-Ciceu line (railway no.501). The forest road is behind the station. If we arrive on the main road (DN 12/A), in Ciobăniș village we go across the Trotuș and under the railway bridge we find the forest road, near pârâului Ciobăniș stream. We reach the foresters' lodge. On the right bank of the pârâului Ciobăniș river we can see an abandoned embankment. After 4 km on the left we leave behind the forest road of Lăpuș stream. We walk 2 km in the valley of pârâului Ciobăniș. We reach the meeting point of the Tulburea - and pârâului Ciobăniș streams. The foresters' lodge is about 200 m away. But we go down along the valley of the stream that flows down from the left, towards Vf. Piciorul Lat. The road is on the left bank of the stream. We can find here marks with white base and red cross. We don't follow any left-going paths. The path turns to the left (southwest), and after 10-15 min we reach a clearing on southern part of Vf. Piciorul Lat. The right way leads to the right and ahead, along the ridge where we leave behind a clearing and we start to climb to the peak of Vf. Piciorul Lat (1445 m). We reach another clearing under the peak. We keep on going towards Vf. Cărunta. In the saddle between the two peaks the path leaves the ridge and goes around the peak of Vf. Cărunta (1516 m). After the steep slope we turn eastwards (to the right). Now we are in the direction of the Vf. Cărunta axis (north-south). After a while we reach the Vf. Cărunta peak. If we don't want to climb up to the peak, after 40-45 min walk from Vf. Piciorul Lat we reach a small clearing. Here the path ends and we walk along the upper edge (right) of the clearing. We enter the woods. The orientation is difficult now, the marks are rare. We leave behind a small peak situated westwards from Vf. Cărunta. We reach the saddle between Vf. Cărunta and Mt. Șoimar mountain (1125 m). From here the road gets easier. We go in west-southwest direction through a forest and from the saddle between the twin peaks of the mountain we walk up to the smaller peak of the Mt. Șoimar mountain (1341 m). We go further on the upper edge of the wasteland, on the ridge, towards west. After a while we reach a saddle of the northwestern part of the Mt. Șoimar and creasta Cristeș. From here we climb to the Keresztes ridge. The path leads along the main ridge of the mountain (1420, 1383 m). After a while we come out of the woods. We go across the wasteland of the creasta Cristeș mountain, after that we continue our way westwards on the ridge of Vf. Burda (1175 m) and Vf. Burda Nouă (1131 m). After 3 km we reach a mountain pasture. This is the wasteland of the Vf. Burda Mică (1342 m). There are 2 km from the Vf. Burda Mică peak to the Vf. Burda Mare (1378 m). After the peak we keep on going westwards on the ridge. After forests and clearings we reach Vf. Viscolul (1494 m).

Track no.13: Valea Uzului yard- pârâul Sóvető stream- pârâul Sóvető(1463 m) - Șoiul Mare mountain (1553 m) - pârâul Rața stream- Valea Uzului yard

Marks: unmarked Length of track: 14 km Running time: 6-7 hours Level difference: 890 m Links to tracks no.11, 14, 16 Description: Accessible in the summer.

Starting point: the pioneer camp of the Uzvölgye yard. We walk 300 m along the Uz road (DJ 123), and we turn to the right to the forest road of Sóvető stream. We can go on two ways: - the track no.13/A starts from the end of the Sóvető forest road. We follow the red stripe mark. - the path no.13/B, after the big curve of the Sóvető stream leads up on the first bigger valley on the left side to the top of the Sóvető. We walk through a pinewood. Both paths (13/A and 13/B) reach the ridge behind Vf. Sóvető peak. We have to walk 500 m to reach the peak. On the northwestern part of the peak (1472 m) there is a clearing. From here we start to climb the Vf. Șoiul Mic mountain (1506 m). Coming down from Vf. Șoiul Mic we reach another saddle and another peak (1521 m). After this we reach the saddle in front of Vârfului Șoiul Mare mountain. After we go around the peak of Vârfului Șoiul Mare (1553 m) we reach a clearing. There are three paths. The first leads to the right and reaches Ocloș yard. The middle path reaches the road to Uz valley. The third is our path. At the end of the clearing we turn to the left to a tractor road, which leads to an ancillary branch of pârâul Rața stream, and after that reaches the forest road of pârâul Rața stream. Going along the stream, after 3 km we reach the Sînmartin-Darmanesti road, which leads to the Valea Uzului yard.

Track no.14: Salatruc - the accumulation lake of Poiana Uzului, the waterfalls of Uz (Casc. Nasolea Mica and Casc. Nasolea Mare) - the students camp of Uz valley

Mark: unmarked Length of track: 13 km Running time: 3-4 hours (5 hours with the bypasses) Level difference: 220 m Links to track no. 11 Description: Accessible in each season.

We start from Salatruc village, two km below the breakwater. We follow the road on the right (on the left bank of Uz), up, on the slope. After 2 km we reach the breakwater, where we find the Poiana Uzului motel. We take the asphalt road on the left side of the lake and we walk 5 km. At the upper end of the lake we go across a concrete bridge. We go along the right bank of the Uz. After a half km we reach the most beautiful pass of Uz, the Kőközi pass (2 km). Here we find the waterfalls of Uz, the Casc. Nasolea Mica and Casc. Nasolea Mare. The valley gets wider only at the meeting point of Veresvíz and Uz, at La Chibritarie. On the right bank of Veresvíz, near the forest we find an old hunters' lodge. Along the valley of Uz we continue our way towards Uzvölgye yard. We reach the Pr.Tablei wasteland and after that, on a forest road we reach Sînmartin. Below the students camp there is the valley of Magyarós stream.

Track no.15: Masivul Agăș mountain (1359, 1344, 1377 m) - Vf. Cristin peak (1353 m) - Vf. Boghiod (1301 m) - Vf. Moșneagului mountain (1283 m) - Tóstelek (1086 m) - Bence stream- La Ocloș yard

Mark: defective blue cross Length of track: 12 km Running time: 5-6 hours Level difference: 550 m Links to track no. 1 Description: Accessible only in summer.

Starting points: from the ridge path no. 1, or from the valley of Ciobăniș, from cătunul Ghiurche yard. The ridge path no. 1 goes eastwards between Vf. Agăș peak (1358 m) and Vf. lui Andrei peak (1307 m) and reaches the Vf. Agăș mountain. From Ghiurche we follow a 3 km cart road along the Ghiurche stream and we reach the ridge of Vf. Agăș mountain. On the peak we turn to the left (east). We go around the edge of Ghiurche stream (northeast), we turn to the right and we go along the ridge between the two peaks of Vf. Agăș mountain (1344, 1377 m). We reach the saddle between Vf. Agăș mountain (1377 m) and Vf. Cristin peak (1353 m). The path goes around Vf. Cristin peak (northeast). On the eastern slope of the Vf. Cristin peak we go along the edge of the forest. The mountain road turns into a narrow path. On the southern slope of Vf. Boghiod (1301 m) we go around the springs of Baglyod stream. On the Vf. Boghiod (1266 m) we turn eastwards and then to northeast. We go further on the northern edge of Sáros stream and reach the Vf. Moșneagului (1263-1283 m) and we walk in a dense forest. Between the two peaks of Vf. Moșneagului mountain we turn to the right. The path runs down on the western slope of the peak (1233 m) towards Vf. Poposa. After 4 km we reach Tóstelek (1086 m). Here we find a clearing. At the upper end of the clearing there are two paths. One of the paths turns to the left. This is a marked path. It goes down in the valley of Bence stream, and reaches the valley of Uz after 1 km. We reach the main road at Ocloș. The other path goes across the clearing and goes down on the steep slope of Tóstelek and reaches the valley of Uz, 1 km above Ocloș. Here ends the tourist path marked with blue cross. From Ocloș there is a road, which goes up to Gâtul Apa Albă, the water divider of the valleys of Casin and Uz, and then goes down to the Bazinul Casinului basin. If we want to continue our tour on the eastern ridges of the M-ții Ciucului mountains towards the Káposztás mountain or Vf. Repatu Mare, we will have to follow this road.