The Ciuc Mountains

Tracks on the southern part of Csíki mountains

Track no.16: Tabăra Valea Uzului camp - Colțul Bașca (1237 m) - Bașca Mare (1358 m) - Piscul Bașca (1374 m) - Altízi-Piripó (1251 m) - Bașca forest road - Vf. Repatu (1291 m)

Mark: red cross, defective in some places Track length: 16 km Running time: 5-6 hours Level difference: 700 m Links: to the track no. 1 Description: Only for summer tours.

Starting point: the Youth Camp of Valea Uzului yard. We go across the road in front of the camp. We turn to the left (southeast) and go along the road. Before we enter the woods, we go across a narrow stream părăul Fagul. The path goes through the forest and reaches a clearing. At the Colțul Bașca (1237 m) we turn to the south- southwest direction. We leave behind a path which goes downwards. We are on the main ridge of Bașca mountain. After 1 1/2 hours we reach the Bașca Mare peak (1358 m). We keep on going along the ridge. After the Bașca ridge (1374 m) the path turns to the right (southwest). We go further on the ridge to the south, after a curve. After 3 km we reach the Altízi-Piripó (1251 m) wasteland. Down we can see the valley of Baska. In front of us we see the eastern ridges of Munții Ciucului mountains with the following peaks: Capostaș mountain, the Bobiska, the Kopacág, Bobișca, Capoțag, Ciutacoș, Repatu și Culmea "Füge" peak. We continue our way on the upper side of the clearing. We go through a narrow forest (250 m), and we reach the wastelands of Feltízi-Piripó (1204 m). At the bottom of the saddle we follow the forest road. The road turns southwestwards (to the right) on a narrow edge named Hegyesnyak. After two kilometers we reach the eastern ridge of Vf. Repatu peak. We go around the eastern peak of Vf. Repatu (1288 m), and we go up to a ridge in front of Vf. Repatu Mare peak (1291 m). From the Répát peak we go down to Úz valley on the tracks no.1and 17, or we can follow the Bașca stream in the valley of Uzului.

Track no. 17: Plăieșii de Sus - Repatu stream- Repatu Mic(1165 m) - Repatu Mare (1291 m)- Füge peak (1189 m)- Măgura Vinului (1038 m) - a "Perla Casinului" mineral water filling station - Vinul stream- Jacobeni

Mark: defective red point Length of track: 20 km Running time: 6-7 hours Level difference: 610 m Links: to the tracks no.1 and16 Description: Accessible in each season.

Starting point: upper end of Plăieșii de Sus. We follow the forest road along Casin stream. After one km there is a road which goes to the right along the Repatu stream. We go 2 kilometers and we reach the meeting point of the Repatu Mic - and Repatu Mare streams. From here we go 500 m on the forest road of Repatu Mare and we reach a stream. We can choose between two tracks: - the 17/A track leads up along the stream on the left and reaches the long ridge of Repatu Mic (1165 m), and after 4 km reaches the Vf. Repatu Mare peak. This track is marked. - the 17/B track goes further along the Repatu Mare stream and reaches the ruins of the old mineral water filling station of Repatu. Here ends the forest road. From here we follow the forest path and after 600 m we start climbing between the Repatu Mic ridge and Repatu Mare valley. The track is unmarked. After one and a half km we reach the Repatu Mare peak. From the Repatu Mare we walk 5 km on the ridge and we reach the Füge peak. We can see some defective red stripe marks (track no1) together with the red point marks. We go along the ridge. After the Füge peak we go across the Vf. Mocivar (1145 m) peak and we reach the huge clearing of Măgura Vinului (1038 m). On the edge of the wasteland we search for the only path that goes down to the right. We don't go further on the ridge. Following this path, after 2,5 km we reach the "Perla Casinului" mineral water filling station. There we can find two springs, both drinkable. After 3 km walk along the Vinului stream we arrive to Jacobeni.